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11 Jul. 2011 Posted by zenno in iOS

App Review: Atomic Web Browser iPad/iPhone app

Atomic Web Browser iPad/iPhone screenshots

I started out with the Perfect Web Browser on my iPad, but then I saw Atomic Web Browser one day and decided to give it a try since Perfect Web Browser was crashing on my occasionally. Atomic Web Browser has more features than Perfect Web Browser, it supported Tabs, Gestures, Privacy Mode, has a nice bookmark organizer, store pages for offline reading, identify as a different browser and support ad blocks that you can define which sites to block. More importantly it handled sites that are graphics intensive better than Perfect Web Browser.

11 Jul. 2011 Posted by zenno in iOS

App Review: Perfect Web Browser iPad

Perfect Web Browser for iPad screenshots

I didn't like Mobile Safari, each time I switch windows the contents of the page would randomly reloads and most sites detected it as a mobile browser. I was introduced to Perfect Web Browser for iPad. There are some really cool features like tabs, privacy mode, gestures to switch tabs, popup blocker and block all images. What I was attracted to initially was the ability to make Perfect Web Browser look like a desktop browser such as Firefox or IE to the website.

22 Jun. 2011 Posted by zenno in iOS

App Review: PocketCloud iPhone/iPad

PocketCloud for iPhone/iPad screenshots

I was actually quite happy with iSSH as it served almost 90% of my needs. When I saw PocketCloud, I was thinking I could use it to remotely access my laptop. It was more a want then a need, basically I was itching to try RDP over 3G. Also to pipe audio from a remote computer to my iPad.

I am now US$14.99 poorer, but maybe a little wiser. PocketCloud is really a neat app, its just that because my needs were more with SSH and VNC, this didn't fulfill more than 50% of my needs.

22 Jun. 2011 Posted by zenno in iOS

App Review: iSSH iPhone/iPad

iSSH for iPhone/iPad screenshots

This was the first app I bought once I got my iPad. I've been using this for the past 1.5 years and I find it an indespensible tool for a system administrator.

iSSH has some key features that attracted me to shell out US$9.99 for it. SSH, VNC, XServer, Telnet, SSH Keys Support and works the same on iPhone and iPad.

After you have installed and made the necessary security configurations, when you next lauch it you will be prompted for a PIN. This is good to keep prying eyes or kids off from your servers.

21 Jun. 2011 Posted by zenno in iOS

App Review: Bria iPhone/iPad

Bria for iPhone/iPad screenshots

I used iSip for a couple of months, what was inconvenient was the app had to be in the foregound always. Yes this is still true after IOS 4.x.

21 Jun. 2011 Posted by zenno in iOS

App Review: iSIP iPhone app

iSip iPhone/iPad screenshots

I needed a VOIP app so I could use my phone as my office phone, we use a IP PBX called Trixbox (based on Asterisk).

I bought this app called iSIP, it worked pretty well. I know some people are sceptical about using chinese made software. I got to admit this app worked flawlessly with our trixbox setup. The app cost US$5.99 on iTunes App Store, still much cheaper than most SIP Softphones on PC.

Configuration was straight forward. Once you have configured and the phone is registered to the network, you can start to make or receive calls via the IP PBX.