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App Review: Sipdroid Android

21 Jun. 2011 Posted by zenno in Android
Sipdroid for Android screenshots

When Google launched the Nexus One, I couldn't resist but to order one for myself. When it came, it over took the iPhone as my primary phone. I started carrying 2 phones everywhere I go, yes its crazy I know! After getting the phone, I began my search for android apps. There are plenty of android apps that do they same thing, but the challenge was the find the best apps for each purpose, thus my journey began... choosing the right paid apps mean you needed to know what the competition could do, this became an expensive exercise.

One of the first apps I started to look at was Sipdroid, this was because we use a IP PBX at the office powered by Trixbox (based on Asterisk).

Sipdroid wasn't difficult to configure in fact, it was relatively easy, you can have 2 sip account configured. Select the first SIP Account to configure your primary SIP Account.

Authorization Username is actually your SIP Account username / userid
Password: Your SIP account password
Server or Proxy: Your SIP account server hostname / IP address
Port: 5060 is the default for most servers
Protocol: UDP is the default for most servers

Sipdrop allows you to select when you will attempt to use SIP. You may configure Wifi only, this is what I do since I only want it to connect to my office IP PBX when I am connected to my office wifi. That said, I have enabled the 3G and configure my phone to VPN back to the office network and tested making SIP calls. It generally works, just that calls will be choppy if your 3G bandwidth is insufficient or calls will be lagged if your connection latency is high.

Sipdrop being free and open source, you see that standard codecs are available. G.729 is not available, G.729 needs to be licensed but it is not available for Sipdrop.

I have tried using Sipdrop, but my experience was not consistent. Certain releases worked, certain releases crash more often. It came to a point where I felt that I couldn't use it as an office phone. It just wasn't reliable enough for me.