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App Review: iSIP iPhone app

21 Jun. 2011 Posted by zenno in iOS
iSip iPhone/iPad screenshots

I needed a VOIP app so I could use my phone as my office phone, we use a IP PBX called Trixbox (based on Asterisk).

I bought this app called iSIP, it worked pretty well. I know some people are sceptical about using chinese made software. I got to admit this app worked flawlessly with our trixbox setup. The app cost US$5.99 on iTunes App Store, still much cheaper than most SIP Softphones on PC.

Configuration was straight forward. Once you have configured and the phone is registered to the network, you can start to make or receive calls via the IP PBX.

One of the nice features of iSIP was Apple Push Notifications support, this meant that you app didn't need to be running (this saves battery), when you received a call their server would sent you a push notification. However for this to work, it meant that your SIP server had to be accessible from the internet.

All in all a good VOIP app. Does not support G.729, so it has big bandwidth requirements and works over 3G and Wifi. I too have tried to use the iPhone to create a VPN connection over 3G to the office and use iSIP. So as long as your 3G connection is able to sustain the throughput required for G.711 then you will be able to hold a decent conversation with the other party on the phone.