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Blogs zenno

21 Jun. 2011 Posted by zenno in Android

App Review: Sipdroid Android

Sipdroid for Android screenshots

When Google launched the Nexus One, I couldn't resist but to order one for myself. When it came, it over took the iPhone as my primary phone. I started carrying 2 phones everywhere I go, yes its crazy I know! After getting the phone, I began my search for android apps. There are plenty of android apps that do they same thing, but the challenge was the find the best apps for each purpose, thus my journey began... choosing the right paid apps mean you needed to know what the competition could do, this became an expensive exercise.

21 Jun. 2011 Posted by zenno in iOS

App Review: Bria iPhone/iPad

Bria for iPhone/iPad screenshots

I used iSip for a couple of months, what was inconvenient was the app had to be in the foregound always. Yes this is still true after IOS 4.x.

21 Jun. 2011 Posted by zenno in iOS

App Review: iSIP iPhone app

iSip iPhone/iPad screenshots

I needed a VOIP app so I could use my phone as my office phone, we use a IP PBX called Trixbox (based on Asterisk).

I bought this app called iSIP, it worked pretty well. I know some people are sceptical about using chinese made software. I got to admit this app worked flawlessly with our trixbox setup. The app cost US$5.99 on iTunes App Store, still much cheaper than most SIP Softphones on PC.

Configuration was straight forward. Once you have configured and the phone is registered to the network, you can start to make or receive calls via the IP PBX.